Our services

Our services


Premio with a fleet of +25000 dry boxes and providing successful services in more than 90 ports around the world, including that of Middle-East, Indian Subcontinent, Far-east, China, East Africa, and Europe. Dry containers 20' and 40' (general purpose) are available for most types of cargo.


Premio is also making its mark in handling DG & Non-Dg cargo by providing “Competitive and reliable service” of ISO Tanks. Carrying Food Grade and Non-Food, Grade Products in ISO tanks. Our tanks are cleaned, inspected and certified by a qualified Inspector Weekly available stock. We cover main regions like Indian Subcontinent, Far-East and Persian Gulf and Middle Eastern Ports.


Premio flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. You will find collapsible containers and non-collapsible containers with or without walls. Flat rack containers are manufactured from steel and come in 20' and 40' sizes. 


Premio has its own OT/Container allowing cargo to be loaded from the top, open-top containers are particularly suitable for bulk cargo such as machinery. They are fitted with a PVC tarpaulin cover and attachable bows with cable sealing devices. The door header can also be swung out to make the stuffing of cargo more convenient. Manufactured from steel, open-top containers come in 20 ft and 40 ft sizes. 


Premio is also in Reefer business, According to your requirements and cargoes, our reefer box can be adjusted to your needs. 

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Continuous checking
  • Precise climate control